EPS Foam Traffic Shields

A Story of Motivation

It would be surprising if any one of us wasn’t familiar with those concrete barriers lining the sides of so many highways across the country. These “K-rails” – or “Jersey-walls” as they’re typically called in the East – are concrete walls developed in the 1950s, beginning in the U.S. State of New Jersey, as separators between lanes of a highway. Over time, they became more modular and increasingly and effectively used as temporary barriers in construction areas. The benefit of these heavy barriers is evident, but more importantly proven over decades of use. However, the one benefit they fall short on fulfilling is satisfying the many needs for effective visual shielding of workzone areas. These many needs include:

  • Eliminating motorist distractions from on-coming headlight glare
  • Protect motorists from water spray created by opposing traffic
  • Preventing accidents caused by motorist gawking and rubbernecking
  • Protecting workzone crews from injuries caused by dust, dirt, and flying debris
  • Protecting workzone crews from excessive noise

To address these needs, highway construction contractors turned to readily available plywood to create visibility barriers installed on top of K-rails. At the time, there were simply no better alternatives from which they could choose. Unfortunately, these self-constructed plywood panel shields lack the engineering, installation, and testing discipline that deliberately includes safety as an integral component in both design and installation. These plywood panels are also inherently dangerous due to the unforgiving nature of the wooden material itself and the metal hardware used in their construction.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

As coincidence would dictate, the well-known proverb “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” visited the founder of Heightened-Security, Inc. by way of a workzone driving experience encountered by his son. His son had his tire blown out being punctured by a metal fitting laying in the road from an earlier accident that demolished the plywood panel installed on top of a K-rail. Recognizing the danger his son was exposed to driving through this workzone road area littered by wood and metal debris from the plywood panel as a result of the prior accident and fully realizing how the event could have turned out much worse, he was compelled to do some research. What he learned was a hushed record of much worse accidents impacting both motorists and workzone laborers directly attributed to plywood panels installed without optimal safety in mind. He decided to do something about this problem.

Enlisting the collaboration of the Founder of Xycorp, the Founder of Heightened-Security designed a Traffic Shield constructed from EPS foam and protected from the elements by a scientific formulated resilient coating. The coated panels are then painted, with a formula that includes UV resistance, to whatever color preference a customer desires. Xycorp designed and built an EPS foam fabricating machine purpose-built to produce the foam panels for this newly invented Traffic Shield.

Engineered and Tested with Optimal Safety in Mind

The Heightened-Security EPS Foam Traffic Glare Shield – also known as a Gawk & Glare Screen – has been subjected to both crash and wind tests to demonstrate an unequaled measure of both safety and resilience in its design. We invite you to go beyond taking our word for this fact by watching the video recordings of these tests.

As you continue to learn more about our Traffic Shields, we hope you will come to agree that the engineering and testing of the Traffic Shield is near perfect. However, one deficiency was recognized in early field installations performed by a then reseller partner. This deficiency was directly attributable to faulty or careless installation of the panels. A certification program was implemented by Heightened-Security to counter this installation deficiency by thoroughly training installers in practicing the proper methods for installing the Traffic Shield in practically any imaginable application. Should we encounter a situation not previously anticipated, our engineers will examine the details of the unique application and engineer a solution we will stand behind.

To provide our customers even greater assurance that our Traffic Shields are properly installed, Heightened-Security now takes full control and responsibility for installing the Traffic Shields; a practice integral to the new approach of offering "safety-assured" shopping. Specifically, our safety-assured approach translates to Traffic Shields being sold only to customers requiring permanent installations and no longer being sold for temporary project installations. For temporary projects, Heightened-Security rents the Traffic Shields for the duration of the project and provides both installation and deinstallation of the Traffic Shields. The benefits of this rental approach to highway construction contractors include:

  1. Peace of Mind in knowing the highest quality and safest Traffic Shields on the Market are also professionally installed by the original manufacturer.
  2. No labor cost required by the project contractor to install, maintain, and deinstall Traffic Shield panels.
  3. No inventory at project end; an inherent benefit that avoids inventory storage and inventory shrinkage.

Permanent installation customers enjoy the same benefits listed above except for a low cost for installation and, of course, no deinstallation is required. Ongoing maintenance becomes an optional choice.