The Traffic Shield Glare/Gawk barrier system is made of one piece of EPS compression foam, and weighs less than 20 pounds.


There are no hazardous metal pipes, screws, bolts, nuts, washers, clamps or solid wood to harm any construction workers, drivers or passengers.


Lightweight foam ensures driver/worker safety. Simple assembly and installation, made from all U.S. recyclable products, and stands up to harsh weather conditions.


The State of California alone uses over 40,000 miles of concrete construction barriers to protect highway workers and the public. A major component of these barriers is a temporary glare/gawk screen placed on top to prevent harmful glare as well as dust and debris. Constructed of metal and wood, these shields are cumbersome to install and can be a serious safety hazard to drivers and workers.

In consultation with construction workers, the Department of Transportation (DOT) in Washington D.C. and the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) (See attached letter) and multiple highway construction organizations, we have perfected a better solution.

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Alternative Dangers

The alternative methods of using wood, metal pipes, screws, or plastic are dangerous for drivers and roadway workers. Whether the materials end up loose and hanging off the barrier or in the road, these incidents pose a real threat to public safety.

Avoidable Risks

Though you can't avoid all risks, with the Traffic Glare Shield you have the opportunity to mitigate risk and provide the safest conditions for our roads. Head to our videos page HERE to see comparison material between our product and alternatives.